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Dr Sarah Simpson

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"The day was relaxed and fun. It was well structured and started from first principals and ended with the practical issues of running an RP group. Participation was encouraged and valued. The content was relevant and supported by supplementary information.”


Motor Neurone Disease Association


"The trainers were] approachable, friendly and willing to talk to me when I had some questions related to my personal practice. I really enjoyed the style of training, the space left for discussion and the way both practitioners modelled the reflective stance useful for reflective practice.”


West London Mental Health NHS Trust


“This was a course that really made me think about the purpose of CID.  I work in a very hectic environment and we do not often give ourselves time to debrief incidents.  This course made me understand the purpose and importance of this. It also gave me an insight in to other methods of support which I believe will help me in my everyday work.”


Passage House (Homeless Hostel)


"I thought both trainers were fantastic and managed the day really well. The training matched my learning needs really well, and I felt that I was able to learn an awful lot in such a short amount of time too.  I’d like to say a huge thank you to the trainers and I have already been recommending the course to my peers.”


Rutland House Counselling & Psychotherapy


"Both Sarah and Shiri were excellent trainers/facilitators. They ‘knew their stuff’ and were comfortable and confident enough to allow the group to explore their own issues, whilst always bringing it back to the task in hand.  A thoroughly useful and enjoyable day – Thank you!”


Motor Neurone Disease Association


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